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Simon Dallow

Published: 11:16AM Monday June 28, 2004

Simon Dallow co-hosts ONE News with Wendy Petrie each weeknight at 6pm.

In his time with TVNZ Simon has presented many of the main News and Current Affairs shows, including the critically-acclaimed Agenda in 2005.

After completing his legal studies, Simon practised as a litigation and insurance lawyer in Auckland before embarking on his OE. He was en route to London when the 1987 stock market crash hit, causing him to change careers when an immediate future in bankruptcy law failed to appeal.

Tourism beckoned and Simon spent the next six years as a freelance tour director, sharing his passion for things European with thousands of tourists from around the world.

Since returning to New Zealand in 1993, Simon has been employed by TVNZ as a presenter for ONE News and has anchored programmes right across TVNZ's news and current affairs stable.

Simon is a father of two who considers himself an average Kiwi bloke, and is passionately interested in sports and current affairs. He has almost accepted he will never make the All Blacks.

But hey at least he gets to cover another Olympic Games in 2012. Simon will join the broadcast live from London on the hour during Breakfast and will join the ONE News at 6 team live from London.

Olympics 2012 Questionnaire

Most over-rated athlete is?
Usain Bolt. Not even the fastest man in Jamaica.

Most under-rated athlete is?
Usain Bolt. 'Cos he wasn't even the fastest man in Jamaica at their trials, and he now has a point to prove.

Best thing about London is?
Proximity to Europe. Oh, and pubs.

Worst thing about London is?
Rain. Public transport. Spurs (that's just a gratuitous dig at Andrew Saville)

Sport that should be dropped from the Olympics next is?
synchronised swimming. Respect to the athletic endeavour and skill needed, but any event that demands you smile and wear make-up shouldn't be there.

Sport that should be incorporated into the Olympics next is?
There's too many already. Leave out the pro sports that don't really care about the Olympics because they have other events they value more. The Olympics is time for the likes of track and field, swimming and gymnastics to have their time in the sun.

If I could win a gold medal for one sport, I'd want it to be?  
Decathlon. Best all-round athlete on the planet, no contest.

I can't believe some athletes dedicate their lives to training for?
The marathon. But respect, full credit (hat tip: Fitzy), etc to them.  I once heard you live an extra 15 minutes for every hour you run.  Isn't that a net loss of 45 minutes?

Most memorable Olympic moment is?
Carter-Doherty 1-2 in the men's triathlon, Athens 2004. Kiwi maaaaaaagic.

The 2024 Olympics should be held in?
Any of the places I've always wanted to visit&..