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Senior Naval officer found guilty over affair charges

Published: 7:10AM Friday October 18, 2013 Source: ONE News

A naval commander has been found guilty at a court martial of five charges relating to an affair he had with a civilian subordinate.

Commodore Kevin Keat faced eight charges under the Armed Forces Discipline Act in relation to the affair, which is said to have lasted two years.

Three senior military officials making up the judicial panel decided this afternoon that Keat was guilty of failing to report a close personal relationship and of failing to end the relationship.

Keat was also found guilty of omitting to disclose the affair to senior management and using threatening, insulting or provocative language.

However, the panel decided that Keat was not guilty of telling the woman not to disclose the relationship on her security clearance application.

Due to the guilty verdict, two of the charges were no longer applicable.

Previously, the 55-year-old had pleaded not guilty to all charges. Each of the charges carries a maximum of two years in jail.

Keat is expected to be sentenced on Monday.

Brief 'fling'

The woman, whose name is suppressed, claims the pair began their physical relationship in 2008, which continued through to December 2012 - including, she said, the time period post-2010 when he became her boss.

She alleged Keat told her to lie on her security clearance form, because he had already lied on his by not declaring his relationship with her.

However, Keat contends the brief "fling" had ended by March 2010, about nine months before he became her boss as the Defence Force's assistant chief of personnel.

Keat confirmed he had a sexual relationship with the woman from 2008 to 2010, but said the liaisons were infrequent and they were subsequently "friends, at best".