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Scott Guy murder accused breaks down in court

Published: 10:55AM Wednesday June 13, 2012 Source: ONE News

There have been the first signs of emotion from the man accused of murdering Feilding farmer Scott Guy at his trial in Wellington today.

It came late this afternoon as Ewen Macdonald's wife Anna talked about his relationship with Scott.

Ewen broke into loud sobs, wiping his eyes with a handkerchief, when his lawyer asked Anna if her life had ever been more perfect than on the day before her brother Scott was killed.

Anna also struggled with tears as she accepted that at that point she had not known Ewen had set fire to her brother's property or illegally hunted deer.

Earlier, Anna said her husband was competitive with Scott over money.

Anna said her gut feeling was to not go into business with her parents and Scott and Kylee Guy as she was not sure how things would run with three parties. But Ewen convinced her it would be a good opportunity and great start for them.

She described Ewen as a "perfectionist", who was very organised and wanted the farm to be run smoothly. But she said there were some concerns on the farm and some things that they thought were unfair.

"We thought Scott was being paid more but yet Ewen was doing the longer hours."

She got emotional on the stand when she said Ewen said he worked long hours "for you and the kids" to get them ahead.

Today is the second time Anna has taken the stand at the High Court in Wellington for her husband's trial. Ewen has pleaded not guilty to gunning down Scott at his Feilding farm in July 2010.

'Bad communication'

Earlier, Scott's wife Kylee said there was bad communication between her late husband and Ewen, who she described as "odd".

She recalled how Ewen had never visited her and Guy for a social visit, such as a coffee. And she said at times Scott felt that he was not being listened to.

The alleged killer also "made a scene" at a family gathering, accusing Guy of leaving the farm early, Kylee told the court. She thought this was sad and inappropriate.

Under cross-examination, Kylee said that while the men's personalities were very different, it was her impression that they got on well.

Kylee said Scott had always felt he would not stay on the family farm and had done research about leaving in 10 to 15 years.

Scott had not been interested in the dairy and milking side of the family farm and cropping and dry stock was his passion.

Kylee said initially after they moved back to Feilding he was frustrated that there was not much to do.

She said initially she was very homesick for her family in Hawke's Bay.

'One in a million'

Kylee described Scott as one in a million.

"He was my best friend, the most amazing partner and husband."

She said if they had niggles, it was over five minutes later with a hug.

Kylee described Ewen as quieter, not much of a talker. She said while Scott did not find it hard to communicate with Ewen, he did not talk much.

Scott had also been upset about Anna and Ewen moving into the family home but Kylee said it was because there was no communication with his parents over it.

The Crown claims Ewen's motive for killing Scott was jealousy because of tensions over the property.

Yesterday, Guy's mother Joanne testified that she raised the possibility her son may have been shot before his cause of death was known.

Defence lawyer Greg King asked Joanne if she asked Ewen while they were at the police cordon whether someone had shot Scott.

Neighbour David Berry, who had found Scott's body, would not tell Joanne what had happened, however Ewen said to her: "I don't know, I don't know, I think he was shot."

The Crown claims Ewen said Scott was shot before anyone had determined the cause of death. But the Defence claims others raised the possibility of a shooting.

The trial continues.