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Rudest personalised plates revealed

Published: 12:13PM Thursday June 14, 2012 Source: Fairfax

  • Norma Capper with cat Meeka, shows off her double entendred personalised plate which made it through the national screening process. (Source: Fairfax)
    Norma Capper with cat Meeka, shows off her double entendred personalised plate which made it through the national screening process. - Source: Fairfax

F4NNY is no good but PUSY4U is fine according to the authorities who decide which personalised plates to allow, and which are too offensive.

In the past year, F4NNY was the only plate disallowed by Personalised Plates Ltd and the New Zealand Transport Authority, who sometimes assisted in deciding what was offensive, according to their media manager Andy Knackstedt.

Knackstedt said in that time I111I1 was recalled because it was difficult to read, as was AHTOXA which had to have "Xep Bam Bcem", an "extremely offensive" Russian caption, removed before reissue.

A complaint about MR5H1T was not upheld because the owner had a business collecting sheep dags and dirty wool.

Waikato Times Facebook readers listed some of the plates they had seen around the region and beyond, and Knackstedt confirmed PUSY4U, BUMTIT, A HOLE, SXE666 and PIGB8 were all real, and none had ever been complained about.

ILVTOFU had been rejected twice in the United States, but Knackstedt was unsure how innocent-minded vegetarians would get on in New Zealand, as a six-figure equivalent had never been applied for here.

"FU on its own is generally out of bounds, for obvious reasons, but I think we'd have to wait for someone to apply for LVTOFU to see what decision was made."

Proud PUSY4U owner Norma Capper said her double entendred plate made old people frown and young people giggle, but she no regrets about the plate she had had for several years.

"If I can bring a smile to people's faces it's worth it."

Capper, who used to have a cat shelter for the Humane Alternative Group, but now worked to subsidise the desexing of cats for low income families, said her family was initially "a bit doubtful", but eventually gifted her the plate one Christmas.

Capper said the feedback about her plate was positive, and she believed it helped her to avoid a ticket from the police.

"My daughter got stopped on Gordonton Rd once.

"The policeman was so busy looking and laughing at the plate he didn't notice the warrant had expired."

But Capper did have one friend who avoided travelling in PUSY4U at all costs due to her wild antics in her younger years.

"She said to me 'I've spent years resurrecting my reputation, I'm not going to ruin it now by riding in there'."

Knackstedt said any plate that was deemed derogatory, obscene, profane, discriminatory or that promoted violence was declined.