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Record-breaking NZ skydiver jumps near Everest

Published: 11:41AM Wednesday May 19, 2010 Source: NZPA

  • Wendy Smiths (Source: ONE News)
    Source: ONE News

A world record-holding New Zealand skydiver has jumped from a plane near Mt Everest to promote adventure sports in the Himalayas.

Wendy Smith jumped from a plane at a height of 8992m on Monday, The Dominion Post reported today.

Smith has made more than 18,000 skydives, and in October landed next to Mt Everest Base Camp, 5240m above sea level.

Smith has broken world records for speed skydiving, and won Emmy Awards for her work as a cinematographer, filming formations of hundreds of skydivers in remote locations.

Smith was one of the world's most experienced woman skydivers, Sky Dive Lake Wanaka chief safety officer Dave Hall said.

Jumpers at such heights faced risks including frostbite and losing consciousness, despite carrying oxygen tanks, he said.