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'Possum' drinking game hits international headlines

Published: 10:37AM Friday May 04, 2012 Source: ONE News

Dunedin students downing alcohol until they fall out of trees is making headlines overseas.

The 'Possum' game involves people attempting to consume a 24 pack of beer while sitting in a tree until they fall out from drunkenness.

Overseas media outlets France 24, FOX 4 News, The Guardian and The Bangkok Post have reported on the craze which is leaving public parks strewn with litter and vomit.

David Portnoy, from the US, tweeted: "If This New "Possum" Drinking Game Doesn't Catch On In the States I'll Be P*****d."

Jason Feipel, from Hawaii, commented: "Drink until you fall out of a tree. Sounds like fun."

But others have criticised the drinking game.

Laffaday commented: "It is as stupid as it sounds. I'm surprised it didn't originate in America."

And Andrew Soh Chih Jen from Tokyo tweeted: "Ok, the possum game is wee too dangerous."

Staff at Dunedin Botanic Garden are concerned about the growing popularity of the drinking game.

Botanic gardens and cemeteries team leader Alan Matchett said earlier this week that he has a real concern for members of the public.

"I think counting the groups of people up the trees, or the amount of rubbish that's left behind, obviously is a worry," he said.

Matchett said some of the trees are very old and are getting damaged by people climbing up them.

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