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Police offer $50,000 reward to help find pizza man's killer

Published: 8:43PM Thursday February 14, 2013 Source: ONE News

A $50,000 reward for information is being offered by police investigating the murder of Paeroa pizza man Jordan Voudouris.

Voudouris' body was discovered outside the back of his Paeroa pizza store, Mykono's Pizza and Pasta, on the morning of June 18. He had been shot.

Police believe a reward may prompt people holding key information in the case to come forward.

Detective Sergeant Glenn Tinsley said with the investigation now into its eighth month, the inquiry team believe someone could help solve the mystery.

The Police Commissioner has authorised thata reward of up to $50,000 will be paid for material information or evidence which leads to the identity and conviction of any person or persons responsible for the death of the 55 year old.

And immunity from prosecution will be considered for any accomplice who is not a principal offender responsible for Voudouris' death.

Police do not often offer rewards but said they believe in this case it may be the incentive needed to get someone to come forward.

"Often in cases such as this people's loyalties change as time goes on and we urge anyone who may have information not made available to us earlier to come forward now," Tinsley said.

"Similarly there may be someone with information who has held back hoping the murder would be solved without them having to get involved."

The Commissioner will determine the amount of the reward and if necessary apportion payment where there is more than one claimant.

The offer of a reward will be in force until July.