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NZ artist to meet Prince Charles at Highgrove

Published: 7:10PM Saturday May 30, 2009 Source: ONE News

Few people are lucky enough to meet Prince Charles, especially at his Highgrove Gardens.

But that's exactly what a New Zealand artist is off to do.

Like many who live in the garden suburb of Waikanae north of Wellington, Susan Worthington paints watercolours.

"I'm not really a gardener, and I'm not really a botanist, I paint plants and they are botanically correct," says Worthington.

Worthington is unique because her paintings have been selected for a special book signed by the Prince of Wales.

Her work will be included in a new volume of the Highgrove Florilegium. Just 175 copies are being printed and will sell for almost $30,000 each.

It is an art form that flourished centuries ago, botanist Sir Joseph Banks lead a team of artists who journeyed to New Zealand with Captain Cook.

The New Zealand Botanical Art Society says Worthington's achievement will promote the genre for the 21st century.

"With Susan having won her awards in England and also participating in the His Royal Highness Prince Charles Florilegium, I think its very much on the upward trend," says Helen Nutt, President of the Botanical Art Society of New Zealand.

Worthington will present her works at the end of July, where she will get to meet her prince.

"I'm quite relaxed about it, because I actually think Prince Charles likes New Zealanders...and I believe he is very charming," she says.