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More Novopay issues in latest pay round

Published: 2:52PM Friday February 22, 2013 Source: ONE News

Teachers continue not to be paid, underpaid or overpaid as the Novopay debacle continues.

Novopay minister Steven Joyce has released an update on the last two pay periods for school staff.

The February 6th pay day paid more than 74,000 staff, with complaints regarding 2.2% of those.

Five hundred and fifty two staff were notified as not being paid, 521 were overpaid, and 589 underpaid. The affected staff were from 628 schools around the country.

All complaints received are either currently being resolved or have been resolved.

There were a similar number of issues with this Wednesday's pay round.

Joyce says Novopay supplier Talent 2 will go ahead with the first of three planned software upgrades this weekend.

"This is the first of three planned releases in February, March, and April as part of the remediation plan which are designed to address the most significant bugs in the system," he said.

"The first will address some of the known calculation errors as well as some of the reports that are necessary for end of year audits."

Meanwhile, Education Ministry officials yesterday met with a range of sector groups in Wellington to update them on a number of matters in relation to the Novopay system.

As part of those discussions they discussed providing extra support for schools while the pay system is remediated, or moving to a backup option if necessary.

"Officials will continue to work on recommendations to Ministers in the coming days," Joyce said.

"I appreciate the on-going issues with Novopay are hugely frustrating for the school sector and I want to thank administrators and other staff for their patience and hard work."

"I want to assure them that everything is being done to remedy the situation as quickly as possible but the reality is the issues remain complex and will take some time to resolve."

"Sympathy doesn't pay the mortgage"

The PPTA says the Government is showing no sense of urgency over the human cost of the Novopay debacle.

PPTA president Angela Roberts attended the Novopay briefing yesterday.

"The meeting focussed on inquiries into technical and accountability issues but not human ones. At a time when schools and their staff were struggling financially, mentally and physically this was inexcusable," Roberts says.

He said he went expecting to see a survival package for schools, only to find there was no plan to consider.

"Why hasn't Joyce announced what he can do for schools to help them through this nightmare? This has to be made a higher priority."

"The suffering that follows each pay day and the lack of support from the Government is building to a pressure point among members," she said.

"We've given the government space, we've been professional and it just isn't working for us."

 "Sympathy doesn't pay the mortgage," she says.