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Man who filmed wife: "I'm not a pervert"

Published: 7:24PM Monday June 14, 2010 Source: ONE News

A husband who secretly videotaped his wife in bed with someone else says he is not a sexual deviant.

Businessman Pat Norris last week pleaded guilty in the Whakatane District Court to making and publishing an intimate visual recording.

But he told TV ONE's Close Up he is an innocent victim and was simply trying to protect his wife while he was working in Nelson.

"I believe I was justified in what I did. If I'm wrong, I'll take the punishment and move on, simple as that.

Norris upgraded the security system in the Kawerau family home when he moved to Nelson, installing three surveillance cameras inside the house. He says his wife had problems with prowlers before, but he forgot to tell her about the cameras.

"It was just one of those things that wasn't mentioned."

Norris admits the marriage was far from rosy and suspected his wife was having an affair, but says the cameras were never set up to spy on her and were there in the event of a burglary.

But instead of a burglar Norris watched his wife via the internet in the family home having sex with another man.

"That was the first picture that came up - my wife in bed with this other man," he says.

Not only was he watching, he downloaded and printed off images of his wife in bed with her lover and distributed them.

"I felt rightly or wrongly the wife of the married man had the right to know. I felt that if she didn't know she'd be living the same lies that I had been and I didn't think that was fair. So I gave her the copies of the photos."

Norris' wife told Close Up she believed her husband's actions were all premeditated. She says that he told her it was an alarm sensor, not a camera, and knowing that she was being watched by him made her feel raped.

She says they have been separated since 2006.

Norris says he was angry when he found out about his wife's affair and put fibreglass batts in his wife's underwear.

During the interview with Close Up, Norris plays a recorded conversation confronting his wife and inadvertently plays a part where his wife accuses him of having an affair two years earlier.

He says after the death of his teenage son, the tragedy took its toll on his marriage and he developed a "close friendship" with this other woman, and that he was looking for comfort rather than sex.

The 53-year-old pleaded guilty to publishing material under anti-covert filming legislation and was ordered to pay his wife $5,000 compensation.