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Local charity to help Kiwi kids pay for schooling

Published: 7:28PM Tuesday January 29, 2013 Source: ONE News

A Kiwi children's charity has launched its own version of a successful international scheme to help children in New Zealand.

Variety's chief executive Lorraine Taylor said the information the charity was getting from the medical profession and from schools was that children are missing out in New Zealand.

The children's charity launched its own child sponsorship scheme for $35 a month to cover things like school stationery, prescriptions and school trips in the country.

"Also it could be used for clothing, warm clothing particularly in the winter-time, could be used for beds and bedding," Taylor said.

Seventy five children are already involved in the scheme, and 120 more are waiting for sponsors.

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Schools involved in an earlier pilot scheme say they noticed a difference.

"There's nothing worse for a child when they start the year and they're out of uniform and don't have access to the books like every other child," Robyn Curry, the principal of Te Papapa School in the Auckland suburb of Onehunga, said.

"This way all that will be avoided and they'll just slot in like everybody else."

Labour's Social Development Minister Jacinda Adern says the new scheme is evidence that New Zealand's poorest kids need more Government support.

"A charity can't fix that systemic problem, that is a role for Government, and one that the Government cannot continue to ignore."

However, Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said: "I think it's something that deserves celebrating - that people want to help people, and I've always said that we should help New Zealanders first."

Variety says sponsors can find out exactly what their money is being used for, write to, and even meet the children they are supporting.

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