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Kiwi kids perform 'cutest haka ever'

Published: 9:17AM Saturday June 29, 2013 Source: ONE News

  • Two-year-olds performing a haka. (Source: YouTube, Savern Reweti)
    Two-year-olds performing a haka. - Source: YouTube, Savern Reweti

Footage showing five Kiwi kids performing an impassioned haka has gone viral around the world.

The video was posted on YouTube by Savern Reweti this week with the summary: "Raiatea Reweti (Ngati Toa , Ngati Raukawa) and the boys from Brownyns Place - Daycare Porirua are the youngest haka team in the world (average age 2 years old) to outdo the All BLACKS with their powerful, innovative and creative rendition of KA MATE KA MATE!!"

The video has since been picked up by the UK's The Daily Mail, The Guardian, the BBC, the US' CNN Viral Videos, Sky News, and Fox News.

To the sound of the haka being performed in the background, the children stamp their feet, wave their arms and scream Ka Mate.

The Daily Mail described it as the "cutest haka dance ever" and "one of the most awesome sights in rugby".