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Jerry Collins in 'safe place' after jail release

Published: 6:14PM Friday March 29, 2013 Source: ONE News

Jerry Collins' lawyer has arrived back in New Zealand and says his client is in a "safe place".

The former All Black was released from prison on Wednesday night, but his lawyer Tim Castle will not say where he has gone.

Collins spent almost two weeks in Japanese police custody after being arrested for carrying two knives into a department store in Hamamatsu city.
Castle touched down in Auckland from Tokyo this morning and spoke of Collins' release as a "very happy moment".

"We were all there with him and there was a certain buoyant mood in the air," he told ONE News.

Castle said Collins is "furious" about the rumour that he was under the influence of drugs at the time of his arrest.

"Everybody taken into custody in Japan is tested, they undertake comprehensive drug tests and he was completely clear," he said.

There has been speculation Collins had been carrying the knives in self-defence because of threats via social media.

Castle said yesterday Collins had provided all the information surrounding his arrest to police.

"It formed part of the investigation that the police undertook, it formed part of an important reconstruction of events which we undertook to complement what the prosecution was doing," he said.

Castle said Collins reported the threats to his employers.

"The protocol for foreigners, particularly those playing and therefore employees of a major Japanese corporation is for the foreigner to communicate with the company first. And he did that," he said.

Castle said Japanese police have seen those emails and accept Collins' story he was being threatened and stalked, a story also backed up by neighbours.

"One call was made to the police by a very near neighbour, a Japanese family, they made a call to the police because of the threatening presence of these men around Jerry's house."

Collins agreed to pay a fine of around $1900 and admitted to the possession of the knives, contrary to the provisions of the local sword control regulations, as terms for his release.