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Hot weather sparks insect rise

Published: 6:55PM Tuesday January 15, 2013 Source: ONE News

Hot and dry conditions are being blamed for a rise in unwanted summer visitors, as people across the country report a higher than usual number of pests.

Pest controllers are reporting a busy summer season so far, as the sunny temperatures and lack of rain bring the insects out in droves.

"The office has been inundated with inquiries for ants, from residential to businesses," said Maurice David, Rentokil regional manager in Christchurch.

The problem has been aggravated in the city as ant colonies dislodged by the earthquakes seek places to make a new home.

"With the ground being shaken up, their nests have been broken away or broken up, they're looking for new places to go to," David said.

On the North Island's east coast, it is the spiders which are keeping exterminators busy, with the balmy weather creating a breeding haven for White Tails.

"I think with the increase in hot weather and such, White Tails have been on the increase, probably a 90% increase this year in WhiteTails alone," said Eamon Osbourne, from Osbourne's Bugs Eastland.

In Auckland, fly eradication call-outs are up 20% for some businesses, even more so for fleas.

"People go away on holiday and take their pets with them or pets go away from the house, they come back, and get attacked," said Stuart Gunn, from NZ Pest Control.

ONE News reporter Ali Pugh, said demolition work in the city has meant bird proofing and bird eradication "has also become big business".

"It's basically been because a lot of the buildings where the birds used to roost in town are no longer around, so they've got to go somewhere," explained David.