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Google reveals top NZ searches for 2012

By Chris Chang

Published: 10:53PM Wednesday December 12, 2012 Source: ONE News

The Olympics, a K-Pop sensation, and an American super storm were among the most captivating topics for Kiwis in 2012.

Google has today revealed New Zealand's top trending searches for the year, with "Olympics" coming out on top.

The Volvo Ocean Race was the second most-searched subject, just ahead of British boy band "One Direction."

Google's Annie Baxter says the results reflected an interest in both local and international events.

"When we look at the lists like 'news events', we see New Zealanders deeply concerned with what's happening at home. 'Marmageddon' was huge this year, and even things with a New Zealand twist on it, like the Transit of Venus."

However, if the inclusion of "kizi" (an online games site) and "9gag" (a site dedicated to memes) in the top-ten list is any indication, we could be a nation of procrastinators.

"We're a tech-savvy nation and what's cool to see is these are some of the newest sites and games from around the web," Baxter says.

"We're finding them, using them, and getting into them at the same time as everybody else."

When it came to Google Images, Bieber fever is still strong, but "One Direction" was the most-searched; five band members took up slots on the leader board.

"It's fair to think there may be quite a lot of teenage girls doing the searching," she admits.

New Zealand Olympians hauled in a record medal tally of 13 at the London Olympics. That's been reflected in Google's top-searched list of Kiwis, with Valerie Adams, Sarah Walker, Mahe Drysdale, Nick Willis, Lisa Carrington, and Mark Todd making up six of the top ten spots.

Google also remains a favoured go-to guide for life's quandaries. "How to love" and "how to plait" were among the most commonly asked questions.

"We see a lot of people heading online these days to learn how to do things. It's like the internet has become this really big classroom for them."

Top ten NZ trending searches for 2012
1. Olympics
2. Volvo Ocean Race
3. One Direction
4. kizi
5. Whitney Houston
6. Gangnam Style
7. Pinterest
8. Diablo 3
9. Hurricane Sandy
10. 9gag

Top ten New Zealanders searched for
1. Valerie Adams
2. Kimbra
3. Sarah Walker
4. Margaret Mahy
5. Mahe Drysdale
6. Nick Willis
7. Lisa Carrington
8. Mark Todd
9. Jock Hobbs
10 Martin Henderson