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The Canterbury boy who suffered serious head injuries earlier this week died this morning

Flooding and liquefaction in eastern suburbs

Published: 2:42PM Friday December 23, 2011 Source: ONE News

Police say there are still no reports of serious or widespread damage or injury and no fatalities reported following the magnitude 5.8, 5.3 and 5.8 aftershocks which hit Christchurch today.

They are urgently warning people to stay away from hill suburbs because of risk of rockfalls.

Some residents at Windsor Hospital rest home in New Brighton were reported to be trapped on the second floor, but were being evacuated by the Fire Service.

There is significant flooding and liquefaction in eastern suburbs including Avonside and Bexley, Retreat Road, Bower Ave.

Police have continued to urge residents to check on their neighbours.

Phone networks are under pressure - text rather than phone.

All available Police units were mobilised across the city to provide reassurance and check on safety and damage.

Emergency Calls

St John ambulance communications had earlier received between 130-150 111 emergency calls since the first earthquake at 1.58pm and had assessed and treated around 50-60 patients with earthquake-related injuries or medical issues.

All of these were minor injuries or medicial issues, and included falls, anxiety issues, panic and stress issues.
Some of these patients were taken to Christchurch Hospital, some were taken to medical centres, and some were treated at home.
Civil Defence

Civil Defence says the situation in the city is not as bad as it was in September or February in terms of damage or liquefaction - but probably similar to what was experienced in June.

There are no plans to declare a state of emergency and the people of Christchurch are urged to take care of their families and neighbours as they have done in the past.

Civil Defence will issue a further update at 10.30pm today.


Cathedral Square walkway will not be open on Christmas eve. 

A sewer overflow into the Avon River has been reported - avoid contact with river/estuary for 48 hrs. The city's treatment plants are working.

The Lyttelton tunnel is open.

There is no apparent damage to water infrastructure. The Chief Medical Officer of Health is not advising people to boil water at this stage.

A stopbank in Kaiapoi has been damaged.

India Blue restaurant in Sumner is damaged and has been cordoned off.

A building on the corner of Charles St and William St, Kaiapoi is at risk of collapse.

A vacant house at 81 Aynsley Terrace has collapsed.

A red-stickered house in Oram Ave, New Brighton has collapsed.

Drivers are urged to slow down and be patient as congestion is building up in some areas. Stay off roads if you do not need to travel.

Rockfalls in the Port Hills particularly Redcliffs, Scarborough and Whitewash Head, Peacocks Gallop and Richmond Hill; but no major landslips and no obvious impact on properties and lifelines on the Port Hills. 

There are more rocks on Evans Pass Road.

There has also been flooding on some roads, particularly around Pages Road.

Owners of commercial buildings are urged to check their buildings before allowing people to occupy them.

There will be four teams of Civil Defence and Red Cross staff door knocking in the east tonight to determine needs of residents and offer reassurance.

The CBD red zone has been shut down and no-one is allowed in.

The Council call centre is up and running for people with urgent water and sewage calls.  Ph 941 8999 or 0800 800 169, but please be patient.