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Dotcom wants to challenge Oracle in tech stakes

Published: 9:10AM Thursday October 31, 2013 Source: ONE News

Kim Dotcom says he would like to offer his technological expertise to Team New Zealand for the next America's Cup challenge.

Mr Dotcom said he was due to have a meeting with team boss Grant Dalton soon.

He told TV ONE's Breakfast his company is still relatively small so he hoped to contribute a couple of million.

"But I think the greatest competition that I can make is help in terms of technology, develop a simulator that allows them to measure mathematically much better how they can advance the technology on the boat in order to be faster and compete better against Team Oracle so I see this as more of an intellectual challenge against the Oracle founder."

He said he thought it was "a great thing" that the Government has pledged $5 million in "bridging" funding to Team New Zealand.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce said the "interim investment" means that key team members, including designers, sailors, support crew, will be retained until at least May 2014.

It is not the only competition Mr Dotcom has shown support for.

He has opened the grounds of his Coatesville mansion for the Targa Rally. The rally left from his driveway bound for New Plymouth this morning.

Mr Dotcom said he would only be driving two stages today in a Mercedes.

"Fortunately someone sponsored this car because all my cars are locked up."

Meanwhile, Mr Dotcom said he would be hosting a halloween party at his home and would be dressing up "as a pirate, of course".

Kim Dotcom is fighting extradition to the United States on piracy and racketeering charges over the operation of his previous file locker site Megaupload.