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Dotcom releases music video containing raids footage

Published: 4:03PM Thursday June 13, 2013 Source: ONE News

  • Aerial footage from the raid on Kim Dotcom's Coatesville mansion. (Source: ONE News)
    Aerial footage from the raid on Kim Dotcom's Coatesville mansion. - Source: ONE News

Internet millionaire Kim Dotcom's has released a music video containing footage from the dawn raids at his mansion.

Some of the footage of the raid at Dotcom's Coatesville mansion has already been made public.

Dotcom was arrested in a police raid in January last year, a raid which has since been deemed illegal by the High Court, when Justice Winkelmann ruled the warrants authorising it were too general.

Police have been accused of kicking and punching Dotcom during the raids at his house. They have denied these allegations.

In May, Dotcom secured a victory in his fight against extradition to the United States on alleged copyright charges.

Police were told to return his belongings seized in the raids.

Anything ruled irrelevant to the internet piracy case has to be returned to Dotcom and police have to contact their counterparts in the United States and ask that they delete any irrelevant information.

The High Court ruled in May that any clones of hard-drives already sent to the US must also be returned if they contain personal information, and that any further copies must be destroyed.

On January 20 this year, a year to the day since the raids, Dotcom launched a new website - - which encrypts users' files as they are uploaded to its cloud storage unit.

Dotcom says he ultimately wants to list Mega on the NZX.