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Dotcom invites Twitter followers to swim at mansion

Published: 11:01AM Monday June 25, 2012 Source: Fairfax

What was initially thought to be a mock Kim Dotcom Twitter account has turned out to be anything but, with three of the internet tycoon's followers finding themselves living the high life at his multi-million-dollar mansion.

Dotcom joined Twitter just last Tuesday, and by Sunday he had topped more than 33,000 followers.

In his usual flamboyant style, Dotcom was enjoying a typical day at the mansion with his friends as they scooted around the palatial estate on four-wheel motorbikes and segways.

Tweeting about it, Dotcom got the following response from Tech expert Ben Gracewood AKA @nzben:

@KimDotcom do you guys just drive around in modified electric vehicles and pose for photos? I could live like that.

To which Dotcom retweeted him and replied "Come over now!"

Unsure what to expect, Gracewood, Media 7 reporter Jose Barbosa, and then later Vaughn Davis, headed to the Dotcom Manor while the rest of the twitterverse watched the pool party play out on their feeds.

The #SwimatKims as it was known on Twitter saw the men enjoy yesterday evening in Dotcom's heated pool, as canapes and towers of cupcakes were brought to them.

They then warmed up beside an open log fire in the Coatesville mansion.

The pool party could be followed both on Gracewood's Twitter account and Dotcom's Twitter account.