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Distracted? It's normal for Friday says survey

Published: 7:22AM Friday February 15, 2013 Source: ONE News

  • Man working at a computer. (Source: Thinkstock)
    Man working at a computer. - Source: Thinkstock

A new survey of employees has found Friday may be the least productive working day of the week, but it could be best for boosting morale.

The study by Perceptive Research asked 452 workers about their habits come Friday afternoon and 70% admitted they were most easily distracted from their work on the home stretch to the weekend.

Even more, 83% of respondents, said abandoning work altogether and leaving early on Friday afternoon would decrease stress and be good for people's well-being.

And it seems many people's thoughts have already strayed away from the office by the time the weekend looms large with 51% giving priority to their social arrangements over work tasks on a Friday afternoon.

The survey has been conducted as part of a campaign to encourage Aucklanders to visit the Bay of Islands for a weekend.

When are you at your least productive at work?