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Decision reserved on Occupy Auckland trespass notice

Published: 11:14AM Friday December 09, 2011 Source: ONE News

The judge overseeing an application by Auckland Council to evict Occupy Auckland protesters has reserved his decision.

The council is seeking a permanent injunction to remove the protesters from their base in Aotea Square.

The protesters have been camping in the square since October 15.

The hearing resumed today after being adjourned when a protester was caught taking photos in court yesterday.

The council took the protesters to court last week, seeking a court order to have them evicted. However, Judge David Wilson ruled the campaigners had not had enough time to prepare.

The Occupy Auckland members regrouped and gained high profile lawyer Ron Mansfield, who agreed to represent the activists pro bono.

In court yesterday, Mansfield said, "No one has been turned away from sitting on the grass and eating their lunch sharing that space".

The council claims the protesters are breaking a number of by-laws and it is time the protesters' tents were removed so other members of the public can enjoy the space.

The council also said the protesters were offered Albert and Victoria parks as alternatives.

But the protesters say their fight against corporate greed is more important than a little bit of brown grass. They are part of the Occupy Movement which has spread from New York, and aims to highlight global greed.