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City Mission hosts record numbers for Christmas dinner

Published: 7:06PM Tuesday December 25, 2012 Source: ONE News

More than 2500 people have turned out to the Auckland City Mission Christmas lunch, breaking previous attendance records.

Some came for the food, some for the company, and some for the true tourist experience.

"We had to wait for the bus for an hour, and get here and wait for an hour, but it's all good mate, it's all good," said one excited diner.

Families were happy to wait in line to be part of the festivities and early arrivals were rewarded with good spots to catch the entertainment.

As more and more people continued to arrive, the tables were full by midday. Organisers opened up a mezzanine deck to seat another 150 or so people and even then, more tables were required.

Among the masses from Auckland, a smattering of Chinese tourists on organised tours also arrived to enjoy the meal - something that doesn't bother organisers

"If someone is turning up and is now looking at what New Zealand is like and what the culture is like and how we care for people, I'm not worried about that," said Auckland City Missioner Diane Robertson.