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Christchurch birthing units closed

Published: 6:55AM Saturday September 04, 2010 Source: ONE News

Lincoln Maternity Hospital and Burwood Birthing Unit have been closed until further notice.

Canterbury District Health Board told women intending to birth at the units prior to the earthquake to go Christchurch Women's Hospital and staff there have been advised to expect more women.

The board said numbers attending Christchurch Hospital have been steady and the facility is functioning well and is fully staffed.

It said people presenting to the Emergency Department as a result of the earthquake have had mainly minor injuries but the number of cardiology admissions to the hospital is higher than normal.

Christchurch's after hours surgeries are reporting a steady numbers of patients but that they are coping well.

Local social workers have activated their emergency response team and are working with patients.

Damage done to Canterbury's hospitals by the earthquake is still being assessed.

The water supply has been restored at Burwood Hospital and is running as usual at Christchurch Hospital but extra water is being supplied for patients and staff at Hillmorton and The Princess Margaret Hospitals.

Christchurch and Burwood Hospitals are no longer using generators for electricity and Hillmorton and The Princess Margaret Hospitals have been told that the main power supply will be running again in the next few hours.

Health issues relating to water and sewerage are now the most pressing.

Earlier a spokesman said Christchurch Hospital was flat out this morning, inundated with injured people. He described the scene at the hospital as absolute chaos, however injuries were mostly minor.

Members of the public were urged not to come into hospital unless it is an emergency.

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  • gordy said on 2010-09-09 @ 13:59 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Im my 51 years on this earth I have never felt so first thoughts was we had been hit by a nuclear bomb and it was Armageddon. Never ever want to experience it again

  • schicken said on 2010-09-08 @ 19:15 NZDT: Report abusive post

    I thought the same thing initially. However, another quake big enough to close or shift the cracks further is likely to be heard first and all the kids will most likely be fine. If a child does get swallowed up, I'm probably not going to have huge empathy for the media coverage or their parents, but until then, let the region have a little bit of fun. Education about health risks regarding contaminated water may be a good idea for all. :)

  • thinkaboutit said on 2010-09-06 @ 23:06 NZDT: Report abusive post

    More great coverage tonight TVNZ especially highlighting the situation at individual community levels where people reported they felt abandoned. All credit to those organising themselves into community working groups at this level despite this. Arguably the recovery process would be greatly enhanced if these community groups were psychologically and practically supported by establishing official coordination centres at individual community levels.

  • Madeleine Ware said on 2010-09-06 @ 17:31 NZDT: Report abusive post

    You're making some good points here. Perhaps some of the donations could be towards purchasing and setting up storage of these sorts of things. Individuals are also responsible for making their own preparations. I clean and keep old 3L juice bottles filled with water. Every now and then I water my house plants with one and refill it to refresh it.

  • Madeleine Ware said on 2010-09-06 @ 17:25 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Why are they buying water? Aren't there several tankers about the city giving it away?