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Bars caught out in police sting operation

Published: 10:36AM Sunday December 09, 2012 Source: ONE News

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Two licenced premises in Palmerston North were caught out in a police sting operation selling alcohol to under-age girls.

Two girls aged 16 and 17 volunteered for the exercise which saw them visit 29 shops and bars to buy alcohol.

Two of the premises made a sale to the volunteer - both of them on licensed premises, one of which sold sold the girl alcohol on two occasions approximately two hours apart.

"Whilst it is pleasing to find the majority of premises refusing entry or service, it is disappointing to find some premises continuing to breach the most basic of provisions within the Sale of Liquor Act," Sergeant Glenn Ryan said.

The seller and duty manager at both premises were spoken to shortly after the sale and further meetings will be held with them and the licensee to determine what course of action will be taken.

The duty manager and licensee face being reported to the Liquor Licensing Authority, and the seller may face prosecution before the District Court.