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Bag of money found in redzone home returned to owners

Published: 7:07PM Thursday February 07, 2013 Source: ONE News

A Christchurch couple got an unexpected surprise from their red-zoned home today.

While contractors were clearing the Sullivans' home for demolition they stumbled across a bag of money which the couple never thought existed.

Salvage worker John Hunter came across a large sum of money as he was going through one of the wardrobes.

When the unsuspecting Sullivans got a phone call from the head office, they thought it was a joke.

But that was not the case, as the bag contained 500 euros ($800NZD) leftover from a holiday five years ago which the Sullivans did not even realise was missing.

After losing the home they built and most of their possessions, the Sullivans say the kind gesture has helped with the healing.

Jacqueline Sullivan said she was "absolutely overwhelmed" by what Hunter did.

The Sullivans have left their red-zoned home with the satisfaction that their last memory of it is a happy one.