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Another Novopay error revealed

Published: 7:50PM Tuesday January 15, 2013 Source: ONE News

School principals are facing yet another Novopay headache, the New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI) says.

NZEI claims that in a recent email to schools the Ministry of Education said that its payroll information reports are inaccurate.

The reports, known as the Banking Staffing Reports, allow schools to adjust their staffing across the year.

NZEI National Secretary Paul Goulter said that the reports have been "mucked up" in at least the past three pay periods.

"Schools use these reports to manage their staffing levels in order to ensure that they have employed the correct number of staff, including relievers, over an entire year. In a way, it's a game of unders and overs," said Goulter.

"There may be some weeks where a school is not employing the full number of staff but will employ more staff later in the year as needs arise," he said.

He said that one principal with a staff of forty, was originally told he was four teachers under, and now Novopay is telling him he is six teachers over.

"If a principal gets those calculations wrong, it can be serious for that school," he said. "If they haven't employed enough teachers over a year then students have been short changed but if they have employed too many then they will have a funding shortfall."

The glitch is the latest in a long list of errors with the troubled Novopay payroll system, which has caused widespread problems with the payment of teachers' salaries.

Novopay issues date back to the system's introduction in August last year.