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Air New Zealand gives TV2's National Anthem wings

TV2's National Anthem has well and truly got off the ground thanks to Air New Zealand.

The national carrier is flying TV crews and performers all over the country during TV2's National Anthem weekend and its support is critical to the success of the ambitious four-city event.

An estimated 110 musicians and TVNZ crew will be flying with Air New Zealand support, undertaking more than 200 flights, as the 24-hour show comes together.

Underlining its commitment to showcase the very best of New Zealand - whether that's food, wine, hospitality or creative talent - Air New Zealand is proud to be right behind TV2's National Anthem and its aim of raising funds to help nurture Kiwi musical talent.

The airline has provided two Business Class tickets to San Francisco, to be auctioned via NZ auction website, Trade Me, to help raise funds for the Play It Strange Charitable Trust.

In the airline's spirit of 'Being There', Air New Zealand is also sponsoring the special ' aerogram' segments of the National Anthem programme where ex-pat Kiwi musicians send video goodwill messages to viewers.