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Week Twelve on MKR

In true MKR fashion, this week kicked off with a tense elimination cook-off! It was a fight to the death, and egos were definitely bruised in the process.

Passionate Will and Steve went head to head with the ever-competitive Carol and Adam, a match of epic proportions. 

But it was game over for our New South Wales tennis fans, sadly this tournament wasn't theirs to win! 

On Tuesday the teams had the ride of their lives at Sydney's Luna Park! It was a topsy-turvy challenge, as they raced against the clock to serve fairground food to Australia's emergency workers. 



Jac and Shaz took out People's Choice, pleasing the crowd yet again with their sweet treats. Will and Steve redeemed themselves too, scoring high praise from Colin! 

But the fun was over for the bottom two, there's no room for laughter in Kitchen HQ. 

The second Sudden Death saw Rose and Josh face off against Drasko and Bianca. Two emotional teams with a genuine love of cooking - and each other! It was an elimination that tugged at the heartstrings, and a tearful goodbye for our favourite mother and son. Adios!