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Week Thirteen on MKR

This week some teams soared while others crashed and burned! The final destination is in sight and the competition is heating up like never before! 




On Monday the contestants reached a new height, preparing in flight meals for airline passengers!

They looked the part, wearing their chef whites for the first time - but time flew by and some teams were left grounded. 

Drasko and Bianca were the high-flyers on the day, earning Passenger's Choice with their Middle Eastern lamb. They earned the honour of having their meal served on Jet Star flights for three months, a dream come true for aspiring chef, Drasko. 

The resulting Sudden Death cook-off was a Western Australian standoff, the ultimate battle between Kat and Andre and Eva and Debra. 

The chaos begun to take its toll, and everyone in the kitchen was in danger of losing their cool!  

But Eva and Debra, seasoned Sudden Death cookers that they are, managed to come out on top. After a crazy, long-winded journey, Kat and Andre had to say goodbye. 

So with only six teams remaining, it was back to Kitchen HQ. Emotions were in danger of boiling over, as the pressure continued to rise. 

Teams went head to head in the hope of securing a spot in the finals. 

The first challenge was a rapid cook-off, a race to produce top quality street food.

Will and Steve's chicken wings were a hit with the judges, plucking good tucker! The dish even earned them the advantage of picking their next opponent.

The final showdown stepped things up a notch though. The challenge? What else but fine dining?!

Blood sweat and tears went into every single dish (extra flavour? Hmmm) in the hope of producing top quality cuisine for the top quality judges. 

Three teams are safe, but the three will be back under fire this Monday, fighting for survival as the finals draw ever closer.