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Paul and Blair (Surfer dads)

Paul and Blair (Surfer dads)

They’re easy-going Aussies who love the outdoors and cooking for their families.

One of three boys growing up in Queensland’s Bundaberg, Paul’s mum made sure her sons went out into the world armed with some very special recipes.

"Mum sent me away from home with a handwritten book of my favourite recipes that she would cook for me," says Paul, 46.

"She did one for each of us and it ultimately had a big influence on my cooking. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, mum was cooking a lot of Asian and Mediterranean flavours before it was cool to do it. She was ahead of her time."

Meeting fellow school teacher - and now close friend - Blair only increased Paul’s appetite for experimenting in the kitchen.

"Before we both had kids, there was a group of three of us and every Tuesday we’d have a rotation where we would cook at one of our houses," explains Paul.

Joint family holidays and boys’ only surfing trips to Bali also revolved around cooking up Asian feasts.

"Our wives are friends and now our two sons are friends so we’ve always done trips together and we’re cooking there," says Blair, 37. "It’s a bit of a tradition."

"We like healthy food with a bit of punch," says Paul. "A lot of our cooking started with Balinese recipes. Then we started growing our own herbs and that’s where that real passion for curry started."

Specialising in physical education – and residing on the sunny Gold Coast - has meant that Paul and Blair are never far from a sporting field or the beach. Their athletic backgrounds have also made for a very competitive nature.

"We really hate losing," says Paul.

Adds Blair: "We can’t go for a surf together without counting how many waves we get."