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My Kitchen Rules

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Nev & Kell

After meeting each other two years ago, Nev and Kell found they shared a passion for food.

Nev, 48, a control room attendant, thinks it’s the "duck’s nuts" to be on MKR. No need for prize money, he would've done it just for the apron says
cleaner Kell, 44.

Tell us about your cooking?
Nev: We do all our cooking together. An average weekday meal would probably be a roast dinner; everyone loves a roast dinner.

Kell: We have romantic nights sometimes; we do jazz it up. We might have scallops. We like good quality food.

How does cooking make you feel?
Nev: Happy. We just get up some Sundays and say, "Let's cook today." And all we do is cook all day and then give the food away. The neighbours love us, especially the kids. They love the desserts.

Kell: I lean towards desserts. Nev's very good at cooking meats and things like that. We make it fun; we put the music on and dance around the kitchen.

Nev: I think that's why we do it because cooking is fun. Sometimes we argue a lot because there can only be one head chef.

Describe your teammate.
Kell: He’s a good teammate. We're honest with each other - if he's doing something and I don't think it's up to scratch, I'll tell him what it needs. He listens and take things on the chin. He's got such a good heart and he cooks with love and passion.

Nev: We bounce off each other, that's why I love cooking with her and truthfully I couldn't do this competition with anyone else. She's the shoelace that holds us together.

What are each other's most annoying habits?
Nev: She takes up all the bench space in the kitchen. 

Kell: The only thing I find annoying in the kitchen is how hard he is on himself, he never gives himself credit. Other than that, he's a bit messy.

What do you love most about each other?
Nev: How she washes up.
Kell: How we muck around. We take everything seriously but we also make it fun because if you don't have fun I think it shows on the plate, shows in the food.

What will be your secret weapon in the competition?
Nev: Probably our passion for cooking. I want every dish to be perfect.

Kell: I think our best weapon is each other - when one's down, we pick the other one up and we keep pushing ourselves. You get us on a plate: a whole lot of fun, hearty food and a lot of laughs.

Who were your kitchen mentors?
Nev: I remember my great grandfather used to make an apple sauce. Well we always thought it was apple sauce, but what he used to do is add chokos to it, because chokos take on any flavour that you cook with it. We didn't know the difference. But mum actually upset me a little while ago when we made her an apple pie. She asked, "How do you make your pastry?" And I said, "How do you make yours?" and she goes, "I always used one from the shops." All these years I thought she made her own pastry. I was devastated.

How do you cope under pressure?
Kell: I cope with pressure really well. Nev, on the other hand, sometimes he needs to take a step back and take a breath. He loses it and I bring him back to where he needs to be.

Nev: I want it to be perfect so I'm a bit hard on myself. Like doing anything, if you're going to mow the lawn, you're not going to half mow it.

What other hobbies and interests do you have  besides cooking?
Nev: We go to the gym together just about every day.

Kell: And we like to go to the movies, we love to eat out and we like to travel too.