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My Kitchen Rules

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Meet the Gate Crashers

After two Instant Restaurant rounds, two teams have already had their dreams of MKR glory broken like a carton of eggs in Harry & Christo's kitchen.

Now there's three more teams who are looking to take a place in the Final 12. Here come the Gate Crashers!

The three Gate Crasher teams will go head-to-head with the bottom three remaining teams from the first two Instant Restaurant rounds... and one team won't be making it to Kitchen HQ.

Will the Gate Crashers have what it takes to take the place of one of the original teams? Find out more about the three new teams by clicking on their image below.

Carly & Tresne

Cathy & Anna Josh & Danielle

They'll be taking on these three teams from Groups One and Two who'll be hoping for second time lucky in the kitchen.

David & Corinne

Chloe & Kelly Harry & Christo


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