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Marc and Natalie (Western Australia)

Marc and Natalie on My Kitchen Rules

Perth husband and wife pair Marc and Natalie Ferron make one fiery combination in the kitchen.

"When Marc and I are cooking, the flames start rising", says Natalie, 29.

Marc, also 29, adds: "I definitely have a hot temper. I get quite angry when things don't go to plan.

Near enough isn't good enough for Marc, a self-proclaimed perfectionist. "The taste could be fantastic but if the presentation is rubbish, I would still be disappointed", he says.

The couple met in 2000 through Natalie's cousin in Perth. After a long-distance romance, Natalie relocated to the west coast from Melbourne and they wed in 2005.

Growing up with Italian parents Maria and Giuseppe, Natalie's interest in food was borne from an early age.

"Coming from an Italian background, food has always been an integral part of mine and my family's life", she says. "There has always been an interest and connection with tradition, food and cooking."

Marc credits Natalie for feeding his passion for food. "She introduced me to a whole new world of food so it's fitting she should be by my side in this competition."

They describe their cooking style as modern fusion. With Marc's Anglo-Indian/French heritage and Natalie's Italian influences, the pair likes to mix and match various flavours and styles. "We love combining different cultures into our dishes", Marc says.

While Marc likes to concentrate on entrees and mains, Natalie's the star when it comes to desserts. "Natalie is the pastry chef", he says.

Natalie adds, "I like to think that I have flair with the artistic presentation."

With hobbies such as hosting dinner parties, travelling to wineries and eating out, it's clear the Ferrons live for food.

"I love the fact that food makes people happy", Marc says. "When I cook something well, hopefully I can make other people happy."

Natalie adds, "I love the fact that we can create all sorts of different things with food. Its about trial and error and just having a go. And best of all you get to eat it in the end."

While both of them are currently teaching - Marc's a physical education teacher and Natalie pre-primary - they have ambitions to one day open their own restaurant.

"For the past few years we've wanted to own our own restaurant and have some influence in regards to what is prepared."