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Jessie and Biswa (High school friends)

Jessie and Biswa on My Kitchen Rules

Ask these girls, regulars at Sydney nightspots such as Ivy and Bungalow 8, if they run with the in crowd and their response is unabashed. "This is the in crowd," says Biswa, laughing and motioning to herself and Jessie. "Everybody wants to hang out with us."

It’s clear these are two girls with confidence to burn. "People usually think we’re total dumb arses, but we don’t care. We know who we are and we know what we want," says Jessie.

Jessie, 25 and Biswa, 23, met at Randwick Girls High in Year 8 and have been friends ever since. With Jessie’s family from Bangladesh and Biswa’s from India, there were certain expectations on them, but in the other they recognised a kindred spirit.

"We don’t have many friends that are girls. We’ve always had problems with that, especially from within our community," says Jessie.

Biswa adds, "Our parents are, ‘Oh, look at that girl she’s doing medicine.’ We’re like, ‘Why don’t you adopt her?’ Does she look as good as me? No.’" They collapse into unison giggles.

"We’re straightforward. Like, if you don’t take us with a pinch of salt you will probably hate us," says Jessie. "We’re quite upfront about how we feel about things. Like, we’re quite opinionated."

The girls love to go out to high-end restaurants but both have been cooking since they were young and love it.

"You cook for your family and you eat and it’s a perfect moment, when everything tastes fantastic and everyone’s enjoying it," says student Jessie. "I’d rather cook something than eat and I’m looking at everyone’s faces at the table saying, ‘Does it taste good? Tell me more.’"

They haven’t travelled all that much but are planning a big European trip in the future.

"It’s because our parents don’t let us go! Our parents are like, get married, have babies," adds Biswa, who works as an assistant sales manager for a linen supply company.

They do, though, see themselves married and settled in 10 years’ time. "But," says Biswa, "It’s a big desire of ours to go to Europe and eat the food first!"