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My Kitchen Rules

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Jess and Felix (Designer and miner)

Jess and Felix (Designer and miner)

Self-confessed "strong personalities", Jess, 28, and Felix, 34, have been friends for 10 years. Their friendship became more important when Jess split with her husband in June 2012, after 12 years together.

"We got really close probably in the last year and a half," says Jess. "He’s kind of like my big brother. As much as I drive him crazy, I could call him anytime and he’d do anything for me. He’s got my back, for sure."

Insisting that tough guy Felix is a big "softie" underneath, Jess does admit that he’s an acquired taste.

"You have to be pretty strong to manage his personality," says interior designer Jess. "He’s a good guy, but he’s hot or cold. There’s no in between."

Felix nods: "I can be very blunt."

That said, Felix is eying-off a career in hospitality to be more involved with people.

"I can actually be quite friendly," laughs Felix, who gave up his job as a diamond drill supervisor at a gold mine to compete in My Kitchen Rules.

Using cooking as a way of unwinding after spending time away from home working in the bush, Felix enjoys cooking meats and desserts.

"I think eating good food is one of the joys of life, so it’s good to provide that for people," says Felix. "Jess and I always have a laugh and cook-up a feed."

When they’re not hanging out together, food is still very much on the brain for these laidback mates, sending each other snaps of their latest creations.

"We text pictures to each other of food that we’ve cooked all the time," says Jess. "We’ll say, ‘Check this one out!’"

Away from the kitchen, the pair - who both grew up around West Australia’s Armidale - are like chalk and cheese.

"In my spare time I like to go fishing and get some quiet time," says Felix.

In contrast, Jess likes to surround herself with friends.

"I love going out, having a wine and dancing with my girls," says Jess. "I also play netball and I’ve recently rediscovered music since I’ve been single."

Jess isn’t the only lady in Felix’s life. He’s set to marry his girlfriend of seven years, Rebecca, in November this year.