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Holly and Grace (Western Australia)

Holly and Grace from My Kitchen Rules

Holly Anderson knows how to keep her landlord happy - she simply cooks for her in exchange for paying rent!

This energetic 21-year-old might've found a creative way around the usual "board" payment to her mum, but her creativity doesnt stop there. It flourishes in the kitchen as well, where she is teamed with her best friend Grace McGurk, 21.

Grace and Holly have been best friends since meeting at high school. In fact, the girls are so close that Holly calls Grace her "fourth sister."

"We do everything together," says Grace. "One day Hol called me up and said we're applying for My Kitchen Rules and I knew we'd be a great team."

It was also in high school that Hollys love of cooking flourished.

"None of my family cooks," she explains. "At high school I did cooking as one of my classes and I really enjoyed it. So I'd go to the library and get all the cookbooks and read them for recipe ideas and improvise at home with whatever was in the cupboard."

The girls' second love is music, so they combine the two in the kitchen by creating playlists to listen to whilst they try out their new recipes.

"We're so excited about it because we both really love home cooking. We do monthly dinner parties with our friends as a way to catch up and most of the time we host and cook big hearty dishes," says Holly.

While both have their heads stuck in books as they complete studies at Notre Dame University (Grace is studying law/arts, while Holly is studying marketing/PR), they recognise the importance of eating well and staying healthy.

As massive fans of growers markets, they are excited about the rising number of options available in their hometown of Perth.

Grace is also taking the concept one step closer to home and, along with her mother and sisters, tends to a sizable vegetable and herb garden in her back yard.

"We use everything from our garden," enthuses Grace. "My mum has really influenced me to use fresh ingredients in my cooking. I love going to the markets every Saturday to get good quality produce.Mum subscribes to every cooking magazine in Australia and every week she chooses three recipes she'd like to try and then my sisters and I take turns in cooking one."

When theyre not coming up with their next dinner creation, Grace practices tae kwon do and swimming while Holly loves to dance and hit the gym.