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My Kitchen Rules

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Helena and Vikki (Twins)

Helena and Vicki (Twins)

"We handle pressure really well," says single gal Vikki. "We’ve worked in bars and nightclubs for years looking after intoxicated people, so cooking for 12 people is going to be pretty easy!"

Knowing what each other is thinking at all times will also serve as an advantage in the kitchen.

"As a team, Helena and I are like, ‘Bam bam bam!’ I can read her, she can read me," says Vikki. Adds Helena: "We’re so close my boyfriend Michael feels like he’s dating both of us."

Helena and Vikki, 24, like to party until all hours on their European holidays, but by day these twin sisters are all business, determined to succeed at whatever cost.

Vikki is studying graphic design and Helena attends radio school and runs a market stall selling desserts.

But now they’re on My Kitchen Rules, all roads lead to a career in food.

"Food is now our life," says Vikki. "Coming from a Greek family, food is around you 24/7."

Learning the tricks of the trade from their Greek grandmother, it’s no surprise that the twins’ specialty is Mediterranean food.

"We visit our grandma in Greece every two years," says Vikki. "We also learn cooking techniques off our aunties and grandma’s siblings. We enjoy watching people eat our food."

Helena loves the freshness of the cuisine: "In Greece, they get the real olives from the olive trees and they get tomatoes from their gardens."

By competing on the show, the twins are also hoping to make their mother proud. Losing their father when they were 12 years old saw the girls mature quickly, taking up extra duties in the kitchen.

"We had to cook for ourselves and help with cleaning around the house," says Helena. "We want to make Mum proud."

In their spare time, the girls like to stay in shape – but also indulge in sweet desserts together.

"We’ll say, ‘Let’s make a chocolate caramel tart tonight," says Vikki, who loves to raid her grandma and mother’s wardrobes for vintage clothes.