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David and Corinne (Couple two years)

David and Corinne (Couple two years)

While some people might frown upon their unorthodox relationship, carefree couple David, 53, and Corinne, 31, like nothing better than to make light of their 22-year age gap.

"My daughter’s just turned 32, my son’s just turned 30 and Corinne’s in the middle," laughs David.

"People ask me, ‘How old are your kids?’ and I say, ‘30, 31 and 32.’ My son, David, loves to introduce Corinne as his step mum. Jaws drop."

Ever the good sport, Corinne adds: "It’s funny because I’m the mature one in the relationship. Although the kids and I like to gang up on ‘dad’ and tell ‘dad jokes’.

Together for two years after meeting through mutual friends four years ago, Corinne gushes: "We’re ridiculously in love," despite coming from very different backgrounds.

‘I grew up in Blackwall, Central Queensland in the middle of nowhere on a sheep and cattle property," says Corinne, who now runs her own accounting business. "We did Distance Education and I had a governess until Year 7."

David spent the first six years of his life in Scotland before immigrating to Whyalla, South Australia with his family. At the age of 16, he joined the Navy where he served for 20 years, before settling into a career in finance in Cairns.

At home, Corinne happily waits on David, feeling guilty if he does his own ironing.

"I feel like I’m a bad housewife," laughs Corinne, who makes sure David has a linen napkin at every meal, as per his request.

Knowing he’s onto a good thing, David says: "She’s the love of my life. I’m super-lucky. She looks after me." Living in balmy Cairns ensures the couple enjoys alfresco dining.

"We’ve got an outdoor kitchen and a 22-burner BBQ," says David. "I love making lamb racks. It’s not just the taste; it’s the feeling of being out there working on the BBQ."

Having cooked with her nanna from the age of two, Corinne has a passion for desserts.

"I love to cook cakes and all that sweet stuff," says Corinne. "I got a mix master for my 10th birthday. I would play little housewife and plan out the whole meal."