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Dan and Steph (Married)

Dan and Steph on My Kitchen Rules

Young marrieds Dan and Steph love their rock festivals, the races, barbies and beer.

But make no mistake: this down-to-earth Hervey Bay couple are serious foodies. "We’re la-de-dah with what we cook, but we’re not la-de-dah with how we serve it: it’s paper towels and a carton of XXXX in the backyard," says Dan.

Together six years and married three, Steph, 30 and Dan, 31 went to the same school. "We weren’t that fond of each other," says Dan. "She actually dated my brother in Year 8."

Years went by then, explains Dan, he noticed her on Melbourne Cup day at the local pub. Steph says, "I gave him the brush for about three weeks."

Dan proposed the following Melbourne Cup day and they married the Saturday post cup day the very next year.

As if there’s any doubt, Dan, a painter and decorator, and Steph, an advertising executive, love horse racing. "We try to go to the races whenever we go to another city," says Dan.

There other huge passion is food. "Dan is the strong cook," says Steph. "I wasn’t a cook before we got together. He’s taught me so much."

"I love to cook meat. I make my own sausages. My big passion at the moment is snags," says Dan. "I’ve also got a smokehouse. It’s the manly thing to do – smoke stuff. I can’t find anything better than a smoked piece of mullet."

Steph loves baking: "Chocolate ganache cake, lime tarts with toasted coconut on top. I will try anything, give anything a crack."

The couple unleash their creativity on their friends regularly. "I kind of feel sorry for them," laughs Dan. "We experiment on them."

"We get a big rush out of watching people enjoy our food," says Steph.

Dan claims to have invented 120 different types of sausage and has kept a diary of all of them. His current favourite out of all the creations is his Mexican sausage. "It’s beef, then I toast up taco shells, really, really toasted so they’ve got that pungent corn thing happening, then put them through mortar and pestle to a powder, do up my own Mexican seasoning, roasted capsicum, red onions and all I do is serve it with sour cream. My friends are like, "It’s like a taco in a sausage!’"

Eventually the couple would like to have one or two food vans. "I want to be the sausage king of Hervey Bay," laughs Dan.