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Carly and Tresne are in NZ!

Watch My Kitchen Rules' Carly and Tresne on Breakfast and Good Morning

Carly and Tresne are coming to New Zealand!

This week, our favourite bundles of positivity will be heading to our shores, and there are plenty of places youll be able to see the girls in action.


Live chat on Twitter

On Monday night, the girls took over MKRNZ on Twitter , live tweeting during last night's episode. Take a look at all the action via My Kitchen Rules NZ on Facebook, MKRNZ on Twitter and TV2 on Instagram .

And don't forget to keep joining in the conversation - #MKRNZ.


Breakfast on Tuesday

The girls joined Rawdon and Ali on the Breakfast  couch to talk about MKR. Who are their favourite contestants? What went on behind the scenes? Just how many bags of flour did they go through making their circles of empowerment?

Watch the clip now to get all the goss.




Cooking up a storm in the Good Morning studio

Carly and Tresne stuck around on TV ONE, appearing on Good Morning  from 9am. As well as cooking up a storm in the kitchen, the girls chat with Jeanette about their relationship, their future plans and their love of New Zealand.

Watch the clip below and get their recipe for yourself




And of course, dont forget to watch them in action all next week on My Kitchen Rules

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