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Bree and Jessica (Proud mums)

Bree and Jessica (Proud mums)

Our husbands were both like, ‘You guys need to do this,’" says Bree, 34. "We’re making an enormous sacrifice to be here, so we want it to be worth it for everyone involved. I’ve promised to buy my husband a motorbike if we win and Jessica promised her husband a ute."

First meeting through their ex-boyfriends 15 years ago, Bree and Jessica reconnected five years ago when they realised they lived minutes away from each other in South Adelaide.

"We’ve got heaps in common," says Jessica, 38, who works in administration at a TAFE. "We’ve both got two girls and we love to cook. We both like a clean kitchen and as a mum you have to have good time management skills, so that’s an advantage."

Adds Bree: "We love entertaining so we’re used to catering for a lot of people at kids’ birthday parties. We’ve had up to 100 people at one party."

Enjoying knitting and going to the football in her spare time, Jessica owes her cooking skills to her nonna and her Italian background.

"My nonna came from war-torn Italy, so she knows how to turn simple foods into beautiful meals," says Jessica.

Self-confessed carnivore Bree also has her European roots to thank for giving her a helping hand.

"My grandmother was English, so roasts and hearty fare are my specialty," says Bree. ‘I’ve got German, Dutch and French on my father’s side, so growing up, food was always an occasion."

At home, Bree prides herself on being a traditional housewife, blaming her controlling nature for not letting her husband lift a finger. Shaking her head at this admission, Jessica says: "My husband’s not like that. He has to work and still do chores around the house."

With their fighting spirit and passionate talk of leaving their families behind, Bree and Jessica resemble a "Thelma and Louise" combo.

"Yes!" says Jessica. "We are empowered as women. We’re not little housewives; we’re strong women."

The close friends also have a keen interest in tourism. Until recently, Bree was a travel agent before joining her husband in their roofing business, while Jessica has a degree in tourism.

"We would like to do food tours with South Australia tourism," says Bree.