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My Kitchen Rules

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Bill and Alex (NSW)

Alex and Bill from My Kitchen Rules

Eliminated- episode 30.
Sudden death against Ann-Marie and Nick.
Place in top 12: 5th

NSW mates Bill and Alex are cool customers both in and out of the kitchen. Exuding plenty of confidence, they're sure of themselves and their skills. "We've got a good dynamic", Bill, 26, says. "We're passionate about putting good food on the plate."

Alex, 25, adds: "We've been mates for 10 years. We've got no qualms about following instructions from the other. If something needs to be done, we just do it."

The high-school friends now share a pad in inner-city Sydney, where entertaining is a priority. "We alternate cooking dinner each night and invite family and friends to partake", Bill says. "When we first moved in, we set a ground rule that one night a week one of us had to create or trial a new dish with an ingredient of the other's choosing." The only chink in their armour is desserts. "They're our weakness", Alex admits. "We tend to be more main course oriented."

While the pair claim they've never had an argument, it doesn't mean they don't get on each other's nerves from time to time. Bill says, "Alex lacks the ability to find the on switch on the dishwasher." Alex chimes in, "He has no sense of cleaning up after himself."

The boys credit their mothers for instilling in them an appreciation for food. "Family dinners were always a big deal growing up", Bill says. "We never had the TV on while we were eating. That was the focal point of the day."

Alex adds: "I remember vividly my mother Ulrika would make my brother Ryan and I cook during school holidays because she didn't want us sitting around doing nothing. She got us this Jamie Oliver DVD one year and we eventually cooked everything off there. We used to get really competitive."

The pair find it difficult to define their style, as they enjoy cooking many different cuisines and mixing new flavours together.

The boys admit knowing how to cook is definitely an advantage with the ladies. "It's a trump card we like to reveal late in the piece", Alex laughs. Bill says, "most women are surprised to find I can cook reasonably well."

While Alex works as a finance manager, Bill left his full-time job to backpack through South America. As soon as he got home, the labourer heard their My Kitchen Rules application had been successful. "It was perfect timing", Bill says. "I came back and didn't have any idea of what I wanted to do job-wise."

A career in food is something they'd definitely consider in the future. "Obviously it's a strong passion of both of ours so if we can do something along those lines I'd be keen to get involved", Bill says. Alex adds: "Cooking is one of the highlights of my day after I finish work. The end of my working day is normally spent looking at recipes."