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My Big Big Friend


About My Big Big Friend

The imaginations of children are truly incredible.

In their imaginations, kids can go anywhere, be anyone and do anything.

And sometimes their imaginations can even create new playmates; which is exactly what happened to three young friends: Yuri, Lili and Matt.

My Big Big Friend is a delightful animated series that follows 4-year-old Yuri, who is truly shy and lonely, except in his imagination where he and his big big friend Golias are brave, daring and adventurous.

At school, Yuri was surprised to learn that he wasn't the only one with a big big friend.

Lil had Nessa, a big pink giraffe, and Matt had Bongo, a huge green kangaroo.

The big big friends are as real to Yuri, Lili and Matt as the kids are to each other.

Together the six friends use their imaginations to have fun and face any problem.

That's where My Big Big Friend, a preschool series about imagination and friendship, begins.