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STIHL: How-To Guide


1. Starting your chainsaw is a simple 4 step process:

  • Place your chainsaw on flat ground.
  • Hold the front handle with your left hand - wrap your thumb around the handle.
  • Put your right foot into the rear handle and press down to steady the saw.
  • Start the engine.

2. When cutting wood using your chainsaw there are 4 important steps that you need to follow to make your job easier and safer:

  • Keep all parts of your body to one side of the cutting attachment.
  • Hold the chainsaw close to your body (this helps reduce premature fatigue).
  • Keep your back straight - when cutting close to the ground, bend your knees, not your back.
  • Wear the right gear: Ear muffs, safety glasses, gloves, chaps and safety boots.


3. When using you brushcutter, using the right technique, you will be surprised to see what your STIHL brushcutter can accomplish.

When using your brushcutter the blade is most likely to rotate anticlockwise. A cutting movement from right to left therefore is the most beneficial. The advantage being that the cut grass comes to rest on the mown area.

When you're cutting long grass or tough weeds with your brushcutter, it is best to work in two directions. Your initial cut should cut the top section of the grass or weeds and the second cut should cut down to the height wanted.


4. When using your brushcutter on a slope, the strip method is the safest and easiest. Cut a strip parallel to the slope and then go back along the mown strip so that you can mow the next strip above.

When cutting around the base of a tree with your brushcutter it is best to use nylon. This will ensure no damage to the bark on the tree. Release cutting is a useful method for mowing around several closely spaced trees or bushes. Release cutting ensures the healthy growth of a tree or bush by maintaining all competing undergrowth. The basic principle is illustrated in the drawing below.

5. To ensure precise trimming with your hedgetrimmer here are a few tips;

When cutting a hedge at chest height vertically use a swinging motion of the trimmer, making use of both sides of the blade.

When trimming the top of the hedge, hold the cutting blade at an angle of 0ý to 10ý. This will ensure a straight clean cut.

More tips and handy hints to come.