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Episode 11 - Vacation Weekend

Episode 11 - Kerrie Fairhall, Westport

Vacation Weekend

Being such active people we wanted Kerrie and her two girls to have enough on their agenda to keep them interested during their vacation, but also the opportunity to just relax and chill-out in their surroundings. 

The Rough and Tumble Bush Lodge was the perfect place to ensure this would happen.

On the Friday night, Rough & Tumble ran Kerrie a complimentary Bush Bath to relax into the evening with a glass of wine and some yummy chocolate-covered fruit.

The Rough and Tumble Bush Lodge has so many great activities to offer - walks, swimming holes, kayaks, mountain bike tracks. While the weather wasn't fantastic for the vacation weekend, Kerrie and the girls were still able to keep themselves amused in the most relaxing of locations.

On the Sunday, Janiese Kulsen from Body Language Massage & Beauty Therapy arrived at Rough & Tumble to consecutively pamper each of them with a massage and a facial in the comfort of their own rooms.  Bliss!!