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Episode 10 - Trish Moir, Nelson

Episode 10 - Trish Moir, Nelson

Trish Moir's nickname, "Taniwha", sums her up well.  She is a much loved identity in Nelson's Victory Square community, who can be kind and gentle, but also known for 'telling it like it is'.  If there is a kid who is mucking about, Trish will be the first to pull them up.  By doing this, Trish has gained huge respect by teachers, parents and children alike.  

Trish, a great organiser, works voluntarily at the Victory Square Police Station for 2-3 days/week -  manning the phone lines, dealing with issues where she can, giving people advice, and running the drivers licensing programme (she also collects people with no transport, and she reads the driving code to people if they have learning disabilities, etc).  Trish was nominated by Nelson Senior Constable John O'Donovan.

Trish's knowledge of people is so extensive that she is seen as a critical link between the police and the community; particularly with children from troubled families.  Victory Square is a relatively depressed area of Nelson and it is the area where Trish lives on her own small, half section. 

A lot of Burmese people immigrate to Nelson, who often have a tough time with employment/ alcohol/ domestic violence/ integration.  Trish takes a special interest in helping refugees and the unprivileged, even though she herself is not particularly well-off.  She canvasses goods from people in the community to pass on to the Refugee Re-Settlement Group (RMS), who put them into state houses for the next refugee intake.  If the RMS doesn't need them, she will find other people in the Victory Square community who do.

Trish also spends time as a teacher's aide at Nelson College for Girls and the teachers could not speak more highly of her.  She does lots of little odd jobs and spends many more hours at the school helping out than she needs to - giving big hugs to people that need them along the way.
Trish's awesome generosity also results in her infamous baking being used to fundraise for various causes (e.g. the College Kapa Haka group, "Tiki Mai"); her own time being offered to help out on school trips (e.g. National Soccer Tournaments, Kapa Haka trips&); and her involvement in informal Parental communication between the school and parent's of children at the College.

Trish was also part of the original steering committee for the Victory Community Health Centre, she helped with their first fun day and she liaised with people and rounded up support for the Health Centre.\

The Mucking In experience in Trish's own words

I found the Mucking in team to be a little family of their own. It was so easy to go with the flow because they made it so relaxing for me.

I'm normally a very private person but with the atmosphere that they created, well, I forgot I had a "Mic" on and just said things I felt.

I never realised that a whole town would be so interested in what was happening for me. I can't go shopping without being stopped several times and asked about the whole experience. I imagine this will be even greater once the program is shown.

I guess I will never forget this truly positive experience and it only makes me more keen than ever to be involved in helping people in the future.

Thanks to you all


A few words from Trish's nominator - John O'Donovan

I was surprised with the speed the Program came back to me advising that Trish would receive a garden.  Everything was laid out easily with clear direction of what I as a Nominator would be expected to do.

I did not find this a difficult task at all, particularly because of the friendly and willing liaison between Julie Fisher and myself.  The ease and professionalism of the entire Mucking In team became obvious with Trish's surprise at Nelson College for Girls. These are people who love their jobs.

Jim is the perfect frontman for the program. He speaks from the heart and quickly established a rapport with me, Trish, and the crowd.  Trish was blown away and I think we all had a little tear seeing the effect on her.

Tony's plan was outstanding and the Community was excited. Everyone pitched in. Because Trish is so widely known the problem was not getting volunteers but instead determining who we would have to disappoint. There were simply way too many volunteers.

The result was laughs over the weekend, friendships strengthened, and a grateful opportunity to do something back for Trish.

A church group did a lot of the painting and because of this experience has decided to help others in a similar way. They have in fact commenced some work on another house.

I will never forget this experience. I watched the program last week in Hokitika and found myself thinking "I wonder what my friends will come up with this time".

John O'Donovan