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X-Files Movie, The

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson took their popular series to the big screen with this pretty good cinematic extension of the conspiracy-laced show.

The film's plot focuses the overriding themes of the series - alien visitor cover-ups, government conspiracies, and injects in some nicely epic action set-pieces, but it ultimately feels like it fails to live up to the potential of an X-Files movie.

It's rare that a movie based on a TV show is released while a TV show is still in production, so at the time, the film felt like it didn't really offer anything new, apart from bigger sets. Still, creator Chris Carter did the whole conspiracy thing well, and the film has some nice moments. It'll be interesting to see how it stacks up a several years after the show has finished.

But most importantly, the film allows a cameo from welcome second-tier characters The Lone Gunmen.

The X-Files movie was released in 1998, five years into the show's run, and kind of towards the end of the series' creative peak. The series would limp on through to 2002, but Duchovny left the show in the second-to-last season. He returned for the series finale, but by then the show's popularity had considerably waned.