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Under Suspicion

Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman star in this mystery thriller principally set in an interrogation room.

Freeman plays Captain Victor Benezet, the top cop in Puerto Rico. One hot evening he calls in top attorney Henry Hearst (Hackman) to answer a couple of questions.

The day before, Hearst came across the body of a murdered girl and reported it to police. But some elements of his story don't hold up to scrutiny. Complicating matters is the fact that Benezet and Hearst are old acquaintances and Benezet's fellow officer Detective Owens (Thomas Jane - The Punisher) is convinced of Hearst's guilt.

The majority of the film takes place in the police station, and while it does get a little stagy, it's hard not to enjoy to old masters (and Unforgiven co-stars) like Freeman and Hackman doing their thing. Plus the camera gets outside a lot to portray what is being described by the characters.

There has been an attempt made by the filmmakers here to paint a more ambiguous portrait of events than we've come to expect from such a film. It works for and against the film.

Monica Belluci (The Matrix Reloaded) co-stars as Heart's wife.