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John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, Don Cheadle and Halle Berry star in this big budget action thriller from the producer who defined the genre, Joel Silver (Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, The Last Boy Scout, The Matrix ).

Jackman, in his first action leading role following his dynamic Hollywood breakthrough in X-Men, plays reformed computer hacker Stanley Jobson, who is not allowed to even go near a computer thanks to past cyber-crimes. As the film begins, he is forcibly drafted into a high stakes heist by shadowy super thief/terrorist (maybe&) Gabriel Shear (Travolta).

Berry plays Ginger, Shear's partner who may or may not be an undercover government agent and Cheadle plays an actual government agent pursuing both Jobson and Shear.

Swordfish is a very flashy, very big, and very watchable action spectacular that harkens back to an earlier kind of action movie thanks to a few rough edges. The death of a few innocents and the odd bit of harmless semi-nudity (hello Halle!) gives it a slightly gritty 80s vibe sorely lacking in many family-friendly contemporary action movies.

Travolta is always most fun when playing a bad guy, and he is on full throttle here. Jackman and Berry both look that part and Cheadle brings his little injection of credibility that follows him wherever he goes.

Former soccer hard man Vinnie Jones (Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) appears aswell - he also had a small role in in Swordfish director Dominic Sena's previous film, Gone In Sixty Seconds.