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Silver Brumby, The

Russell Crowe stars in this family adventure about wild horses based on Elyne Mitchell's book of the same name.

The film takes the form of a story told by Elyne (Caroline Goodall) to her young daughter. She tells of the wild horses that roam the mountainous Australian high country. We follow one particularly magnificent horse, named Thowra, from when he is born through several seasons. Thowra's mane and tail glow silver in the moonlight, granting him the titular nickname.

The winter snow is hard for the horses, but summer is worse - that's when the cattlemen come to the high country to capture and break the horses. Russell Crowe plays one of these men (known only as "The Man") who becomes obsessed with capturing Thowra, the most resplendent of all the Brumbies.

Despite Crowe's presence, The Silver Brumby was released straight to video in the USA, and received extremely positive notices. TV Guide online said it was "one of the most spellbinding children's films ever made, transcending the genre to hold both grownups and youngsters transfixed".

I might just have to watch it.